Thursday, 12 May 2022

The Guilty Tester - Podcasts - Month 3 Part 2 - Learning Challenge 2022

Over at the Guilty Tester Podcast I have embarked on the challenge of listening to TOO MANY technical podcasts in a tight timeframe.

Here is a list of the podcasts and the accompanying links. These are the links for the second episode chronicling this strangely difficult challenge that I set myself.

16. Women who change Tech: Episode 11: Isabel Evans - A Woman Who Is A Storyteller

17. AB Testing: Episode 156 - Customers and Quality

18. Security in 5: Episode 1172- cisa must patch list is something everyone should follow

20.Software Engineering Unlocked: Running a Developer community

21. The Testing Show: Six personas in software testing to avoid

22.That's a bug!: The Buggiest game of all time

23. Quality coaching roadshow: Clare M Goss
24.Maintainable: Idit Levin -Production is the real test

25. The Testing Show: Do We Still Need the Phrase “Agile Testing”?

26. Test and Code: Who should do QA?

27. Maintainable: Jerod Sano - having to maintain your own cleverness

28. Smashing security: 267: Virtual kidnapping, two helipads, and a naughty Apple employee

29. Security in 5: Episode 1173 - FCC Adds Kapersky As A Threat To National Security

30. ATP: That's where the magic happens

31.Smashing security: 268: LinkedIn deepfakes, doxxing Russian spies, and a false alarm

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